About the Department

The Department of Physics started its journey in 2015 by offering B.Tech. physics courses to the first batch of UG Engineering students of IIT Tirupati. Senior professors from IIT Madras played an important role in the inception of the department. With the joining of new faculty members, subsequently the department started taking Ph.D. students from 2018. The department admitted its first M.Sc. batch in 2020. It also has plans to start following academic programs in coming years: B.Tech in Engineering Physics and B.Tech with Minor in Physics. 

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Our vision is to accomplish academic excellence in teaching and research in Physics, thereby 
contributing to the foremost innovations in Science and Technology. Our vision also includes grooming the future academicians, scientists, and innovators for a better society.

Our Mission:

  • To provide world-class education in broad areas of Physics.
  • To perform research in frontier and cutting-edge areas of fundamental and applied sciences.
  • To promote and expand interdisciplinary and collaborative research across the country and the world over.

Message from HoD

Greetings from the Department of Physics, IIT Tirupati!
The Department of Physics has started its journey along with the institute's foundation in the year 2015. Now it has initiated a few academic and research programs at the post-graduate level apart from teaching three core courses for undergraduate (B. Tech.) students at our institute. At the postgraduate level, we offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics. Our M.Sc. curriculum's primary focus is to impart fundamental and applied aspects of Physics to promote new and innovative technologies, real-time problem-solving skills, and importantly, to prepare a new generation of physicists. The Department of Physics offers many elective courses to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge. Additionally, the unique project work component in the M.Sc. curriculum supports the students to become experts in their chosen specializations. The Ph.D. program boosts to solve various challenging research projects for scientific development.
At present, our department focuses actively on two major research areas: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (AMOP) and Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) - which include interdisciplinary research in quantum technologies and energy materials. We have some state-of-the-art research facilities to support our academic programs and research. In the coming years we will have more such research facilities in the department. The funding sources from various internal and external agencies help us modernize our research infrastructure. In the coming years, our department aspires to become one of the leading places in India and the world for doing research in the frontiers of physics. Our faculty members collaborate regularly with national and international scientists on projects of mutual interests.
Along with the research, our focus will continue to be on world-class teaching and preparing the students with required knowledge and skills for future challenges. We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey.

Dr. Reetesh Kumar Gangwar
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